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V.18 Complications Golf and Tennis are unlocked and the Random Events start to show on the map. | |_/[ ]\/(/, (_)\/ / .g8"""dod OMP""MM""YMM db 2MMF' `7MF' .d P' `MP' MM `7 ; MM: `MA , V d M' ` MM , V^MM. ) V.13 Pulling Another Favor Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.14 Pulling Favors Again Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.15 Still Pulling Favors Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.16 The Sex Tape Stranger and Freaks--Beverly (Franklin) V.17 Pulling One Last Favor Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) Simeon Yetarian missions cont.

Michael XI.13 Legal Trouble Franklin XI.14 Lamar Down Solomon missions cont.But it's not as surreal as for VC--it's gone from something I'd never seen before to something higher res but that you see anywhere you look.It's too console/gamepad oriented--you have to flop the mouse several times to get a protagonist to turn around compared to one mouse sweep in VC. Philips Trevor Philips VIII.1 Building up Trevor VIII.2 Off-Road Races VIII.3 Nervous Ron VIII.4 Random Events (part four of five) VIII.4.a The Altruist Cult VIII.5 Special Bonds (Maude) VIII.6 Target Practice (Cletus) VIII.7 Trevor Philips Industries VIII.8 Fair Game/Hunting (Cletus) VIII.9 Rampages (part one of two) VIII.10 Crystal Maze VIII.11 Friends Reunited VIII.12 Flight School VIII.13 Under the Bridge A. Thornhill VIII.17.a Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie VIII.17.b Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler VIII.17.c Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry VIII.17.d Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark VIII.17.e Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli VIII.17.f Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act Michael VIII.18 Fame or Shame VIII.19 Friend Activities VIII.19.a Darts VIII.19.b Movie VIII.19.c Strip club VIII.19.d Bar Franklin VIII.20.a Far Out (Omega) and the Spaceship Parts A. Franklin IX.4 The Partnership (Beverly) IX.4.a The Meltdown - Poppy IX.4.b The Highness - Princess Georgina IX.5 Grass Roots (Barry) IX.5.a The Pickup IX.5.b The Drag IX.6 Reality Check (Beverly) Franklin or Trevor IX.7 Hood Safari IX.8 Achievements (part three of three) IX.9 Sea Races Franklin IX.10 The Smoke-In (Barry) Trevor IX.11 Grass Roots (Barry) IX.12 Scouting the Port IX.12.a Minisub (both approaches) IX.12.b Cargobob (the off-shore approach only) IX.13.a The Merryweather Heist (the freighter approach) IX.13.b The Merryweather Heist (the off-shore approach) IX.14 Businesses (part one of two) IX.14.a Sonar Collections Dock IX.14.b 30 barrels of Nuclear Waste IX.15 The Assassination missions and investment advice IX.16 The Hotel Assassination Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont. Michael De Santa VI.1 Building up Michael VI.2 Exercising Demons - Michael (Mary Ann) VI.3 Grass Roots - Michael (Barry) VI.4 Sports Tennis Golf VI.5 Random Events (part two of five) Michael or Franklin VI.6 Father/Son VI.7 Properties VI.8 Even more 100% completion tasks Franklin VI.9 The Long Stretch Michael VI.10 Marriage Counseling Isiah Friedlander "Chaos" VI.11 Daddy's Little Girl VI.12 The Epsilon Program VI.12.a Seeking the Truth VI.12.b Accepting the Truth VI.12.c Assuming the Truth VI.12.d Chasing the Truth VI.12.e Bearing the Truth VI.12.f Delivering the Truth VI.12.g Exercising the Truth VI.12.h Unknowing the Truth VI.12.i Epsilon Tracts VI.13 Triathlons Lester Crest missions Michael VII.1 Friend Request Clothes stores open VII.2 Random Events (part three of five) VII.3 Achievements (part two of three) Michael VII.4 The Good Husband VII.5 Setting up heists VII.6 Casing the Jewel Store VII.6.a Bugstars Equipment (smart approach) VII.6.b BZ Gas Grenades (smart approach) VII.6.c Carbine Rifles (loud approach) VII.7 The Jewel Store Job (both approaches) VII.8 Mr. Los Santos VIII.14 Knife Flights VIII.15 Random Events (part five of five) VIII.16 Rampages (part two of two) VIII.17 Nigel and Mrs. Los Santos VIII.20.b The Final Frontier and the Space Docker Federal Investigation Bureau missions Michael IX.0 Dead Man Walking IX.1 Three's Company IX.2 By the Book Michael IX.3 Did Somebody Say Yoga?

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