What to do if sexual assault by campus faculty hairy armpit dating

And to the students and faculty with us today, thank you for making time to be here during this busy day of classes.

It is a great honor for me to be here today to address a very important topic.

We will continue to enforce it and vigorously address all instances where people fall short.

Sadly, too many fall short when it comes to their responsibility under Title IX to protect students from sexual misconduct, acts of which are perpetrated on campuses across our nation.

I’m glad we live in a country where an open debate of ideas is welcomed and encouraged. Violence is never the answer when viewpoints diverge.

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I am grateful to those who endeavored to end sexual misconduct on campuses. We are having this conversation with and for all students.

Each time she opens the door to his bedroom, she doesn’t know whether she will find him alive or dead.

No mother, no parent, no student should be living that reality. We need to remember that we’re not just talking about faceless “cases.” We are talking about people’s lives.

For too many, an incident like this means something even worse. Some of you hearing my voice know someone who took his or her own life because they thought their future was lost; because they saw no way out; because they lost hope.

There is no way to avoid the devastating reality of campus sexual misconduct: lives have been lost. One mother told me her son has attempted to take his life multiple times.

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