West palm beach dating scene

Its singles-to-bars and singles-to-romantic-restaurant ratios ranked significantly lower, at 97th and 81st, respectively.Nevertheless, places like Doraku Sushi and Smith & Wollensky exist to make intimate dining a reality. 9 spot where the dating scene is just beachy, you’re looking at an even higher percentage of singles in our age range than exists in Miami Beach.7 city’s name in relation to the topic of this ranking, but instead we’ll focus on the fact that Longwood did best when it came to bars.You know, the places with long wood counters you just might sidle up next to an eligible single at?That said, we’ve love to hear about your dating experiences in our top spots, and do let us know if our pointers lead to any romance. The dating scene has changed drastically over the last thirty years.On the bright side, the city ranked 49th for bars with one for every 454 singles and 32nd for romantic restaurants, with one place offering perfect date night ambience for every 529 unattached residents.

In De Bary, FL, for example only 28 percent of single residents are in our prime dating range. Lucie, FL, Palm Coast, FL, Sebastian, FL, and Jupiter, FL round out our bottom five places—spots where your dating future looks a bit cloudier in the Sunshine State.

Miami Beach, in addition to being the most populous place in our top 10 at more than 88,000 residents, is near the top (second-best) when it comes to your chances of meeting a mate on public transportation.

Some 5.6 percent of its residents commute via shared motor transport.

Bars are another story though, with one for every 1,394 singles, a 116th-place finish.

With its myriad beaches and absolutely electric nightlife, we can’t think of many places better for someone looking to step up their dating game that the state of Florida.

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