Wechat pins in limpopo

They can go for long periods of time without food, but when they do eat they consume up to half their body weight – adults can weigh up to one thousand kilograms.

They have a lifespan of roughly forty-five years in the wild and almost double that in captivity.

Crocodiles become sexually mature at the age of ten years.

Females go to soft river banks to lay up to one hundred eggs, which, after being covered with sand and protected, take three months to hatch.

They have short strong legs that enable them to run (gallop) short distances at speeds of up to fourteen kilometers per hour on land.

Crocs are known to hunt in groups in the water, herding migrating fish into confined areas for consumption.

The most recent social media giant to be affected is Whats App.

We often see crocs on our travels in southern Africa.has been a fearsome predator in the rivers and lakes, and many lives are lost annually to this sneaky reptile.Crocodiles are coloured so cleverly that they blend in with the grasses and reeds on the river banks and are often not spotted as they lie in ambush waiting for unsuspecting prey to come near them.Acting spokesperson, George Marindi, said the classrooms burnt down on Monday evening, damaging roofing, walls, cupboards, pin boards, chalkboards, learners’ books, textbooks, educators’ files and records. North West Education and Sport Development MEC Sello Lehari urged the police to expedite investigating the cause of the fire. We truly wish a report will be availed soon to get to the bottom of this.I also want to convey my sincerest gratitude to the community members who took to inform and assist in quenching the fire.

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