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But that irony only makes feel angrier, louder, and ultimately more terrifying today.

Mia Farrow’s deceptive performance as the ingénue with a resolve (and a womb) of steel is endlessly captivating, and John Cassavetes remains the smarmiest villain in the universe in his eagerness to sell his wife’s uterus to Satan.

In 1991, 61 percent of the movies released were rated R. a given G or PG film is nearly five times more likely to place among the year’s box-office leaders than an R film.” In general, movies rated R “generate substantially less revenue, return less profit, and are more likely to ‘flop’ than films aimed at teen and family audiences.”These statistics “destroy the arguments that the industry’s longstanding and hugely unbalanced emphasis on ‘adult’ fare is dictated by financial self-interest.” Whether or not they think their beliefs and attitudes mirror those of the American people, Hollywood’s leading lights are doing what they do because they believe in it._____________ The comedian Jackie Mason once offered a memorable comment on Hollywood’s obsession with explicit sex: The last four years have been, without question, the worst in Hollywood history.

Yet according to a statistical study done especially for this book, “since 1980 . Moviegoing has become a profoundly unsatisfying experience.

On the surface it’s a parody of the (then) trendy disaster-film craze of the ’70s, but anyone who has memorized its acrobatic dialogue and merciless pacing knows Jim Abrahams and the Zucker Brothers permanently upped the ante on puns and sight gags.

The Farrelly Brothers may have tweaked the recipe by dialing up the raunch and treacly romantic subplots, and South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone have similarly leaned on surreal, out-of-nowhere visual gags mixed with unapologetic race, gender and religion taboos.

According to a 1988 study by Planned Parenthood, the three major television networks broadcast a total of more than 65,000 sexual references annually—or 27 an hour.

The bizarre thing about this Hollywood fashion, especially given the fact that every week 78 million Americans attend church while only 19 million go to the movies, is that it has proved financially ruinous: For many of the most powerful people in the entertainment business, hostility to organized religion goes so deep and burns so intensely that they insist on expressing that hostility, even at the risk of financial disaster. There has even been a recent Hollywood obsession with cannibalism (though, with the exception of R-rated movie contain [ed] 22 F-words, 14 S-words, and 5 A-words—providing its viewers with a major obscenity every two-and-a-half minutes.” Movies aimed at least in part at children are not much better: I am always amazed at how many parents still cling to the notion that a PG or PG-13 rating for a film means that their children will be spared the most intense obscenities.on Halloween — and nothing is more Halloween-y than a coven of witches and a casual pact with the devil.Roman Polanski’s most well-known work is incredibly strident in its theme of sexual consent and its declaration of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, a painful irony given that its director was obviously unable to absorb the lessons of his own film.Medved concedes that crime will, for understandable reasons, always be “overrepresented in popular entertainment,” but warns that “the ominous view of the world conveyed by the popular culture contributes powerfully to the insecurity and paranoia that in turn facilitate increased levels of criminal activity.” Unfortunately, he also resorts to some shaky social science attempting to demonstrate a direct relation between crime on screen and an increase in criminal behavior among America’s youth.The studies he cites are interesting and sobering, but hardly definitive.

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