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Her momentum grew steadily after that, and it quickly became clear that she was the one to beat. THR: Once you were eliminated from the show, did you think it was all over? Kish: I mean, walking in there when no one was there and we were told that’s what we were going to do, I was so nervous.

Q&A: ' Top Chef Seattle': 7 Questions With Josie Smith-Malave That is, until the Restaurant Wars fiasco in which Kish, the team captain, was sent packing, while Josie Smith-Malave, an at-times difficult contestant who many felt sabotaged the challenge, lived on another week. Kish: For the first couple of days I definitely thought it was over. But then you get thrown into and it starts all over again. But once we started cooking and people starting filtering in the energy changed and I think it worked to my advantage, because I love cooking in front of people like that. I kind of got a chance to start contextualizing and pulling together our ingredients. God, there wasn’t even any resentment after the elimination.

Getting recognized is something I'd never thought would happen. All the things that come from being on television are things I never thought would have happened. But at the end of the day, we were a select group of people and I got to experience something phenomenal. What's the most valuable skill you picked up from the show? I can work faster and under pressure, sure, but being able to work with new people everyday and people you don't know very well, that's a skill I can take wherever I go.

He was eliminated in fifth place and ultimately lost Last Chance Kitchen to the eventual Top Chef winner Kristen Kish.

Richter held a number of executive chef positions, including at Enoteca Drago in 2004, before opening his own business, Stefan's European Catering, in Santa Monica.

Though he resides in California, he spends the summer months in Suonenjoki, Finland, where he enjoys spending time hunting and fishing.

As a new Top Chef is about to be crowned (tune in Wednesday at 10/9c for Part 1 of the finale), the Dish caught up with Kristen to talk about how life has changed, her Last Chance Kitchen victory, and the most valuable lesson she learned from the competition. I watched one full episode from beginning to end and I very quickly picked out the people that weren't my favorites.

I would never open up a restaurant like that but being on the show and narrowing it down would be a good way to show my creativity. Have you gone back to master any dish from the competition after the show? When I think of new dishes for the menu and "real life," I like to put a bit more thought into them. Sometimes it's not a smart thing but if I put these goals in place--specific ones like opening a restaurant--I get clouded and if I don't make it happen, I'll get upset.

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