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His father, Sir John Aspinall, the famous conservationist and club-owner, who also set up Britain's first casino, may have passed on a passion for wildlife, but for a while it looked as if the young Damian's life might head in an altogether different direction.

If you have heard of him before, it might be through the gossip pages, where he has long been quite a fixture, thanks to his socialite lifestyle and way with the ladies.

In truth, his life is much more complex than that of the fictional star of The Jungle Book.Alien worlds and fantastic sci-fi and fantasy landscapes come to life along with perfect female bodies with big tits, tight asses and dripping cunts, ready to partake in the most savage, erotic and thrilling sexual escapades and adventures!XL-3D will blow your mind if you are a fan of 3D art.'When my father first mooted the idea, he was laughed at,' recalls Damian. They were full of warnings that it wouldn't be possible, that the gorillas wouldn't adapt, that they'd die.'When I developed it, the reaction was much the same. But we've been doing it for years now, with great success.' For his latest trip, the TV cameras have gone too, and the result is Gorilla School, a programme that follows the journey of three tiny Howletts offspring from Kent to deepest Africa.

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