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This incident shows just how talented he was at composing, and how much of his chords and passages resembled the works of Mozart.In addition, a recreation of his room during his college life takes a large proportion of this section.KPI: 2d Retention rate should not be lower than 30% Restricted traffic Adult traffic Incentivized traffic Bot traffic Fraud traffic User Flow: 1.

What Will We Leave Behind In Korea, there is a saying, “A hide is left when a tiger dies, and a name is left after a person’s death.” In reference to this quote about life, the “Us, Here Forever” exhibition, in commemoration of the 30th passing year of singer Yoo Jae-ha, gives us all something to think about while cherishing the legacy that the late singer left behind.Furthermore, there is a written anecdote of Yoo’s school life, where he had turned in a piece of composition as an assignment.At the first look of his piece, the professor had shouted at Yoo for having plagiarized the work of Mozart.The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to his afterlife, when his music received the most attention.A display illustrates the establishment of the Yoo Jae-ha Scholorship as well as the Yoo Jaeha Music Contest, created by his father and now led by his brother.

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