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After about half an hour on the phone with him and ordering it over the phone he places an order with them and they give me the package.

I notice that pos-warehouse has over charged me by about .

After a few hours I haven't heard from him and call back. Apparently he has sent me an email about the refund, which got caught in my spam.

So I have this email saying he's refunded me, but no actual refund. I called my credit card and they are ready to proceed with a fraudulent charge dispute, but to give it a week to make sure it isn't just working its way through the system. So I call back today, very politely and just ask what the status is, because I still haven't seen a notification.

They could have looked it up and seen that I am calling from a legit phone in a legit place in Canada. Product was fine but this company needs some training on how to deal with customers.

As a libertarian, I really hate their "prove me you're clean" attitude. I brought items back after just over a week unopened. Will go out of my way to discourage anyone going through the frustration and insulting manner in which these people conduct themselves. I bought several receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanner from Mike in December or 2013.

I asked for a quote on a list of printers & cash drawers and they immediately used my credit card from a previous order a year ago and processed the order without my authorization. Purchased a receipt printer that needed some tech support to set up. Laughed at me, told me to go F**** myself and was told to increase my medication.

I reiterate that I just want to clarify the details of the refund, because he keeps saying Visa but it was on Mastercard. (The are located in the similar areas that most of the fraudulent activities were taken place on my card).

He keeps going and going an then abruptly hangs up again... My credit card company thought they were also a fraud and didn't confirm with me before they charged back the amount and asked the company to provide evidence to support the dispute.

There are plenty of other companies which carry the same products and have a better customer service. Personnel is rude (the girl is such a ### she could work for the TSA). Come on, man, you sell printers, you are not James Bond!

Consumers have rights and my rights as a customer have not been honored by these people in this company. I bought from them because price is cheap, but really, I am not sure it is worth it!

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