Radioactive dating lab activity

Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory Branch is the State’s primary drinking water quality testing laboratory and is the state laboratory capable of measuring chemical, microbiological, and radiochemical contaminants in drinking water and drinking water supplies.

Most of the water on our planet is contained in two areas that most people can’t readily access or use.

The Division of Radiation Safety and Environmental Management (DRSEM) protects and improves the health of all California residents through its environmental programs including radiation safety, inspection, laboratory testing, and regulatory activities.

DRSEM is comprised of the Radiologic Health Branch, the Environmental Management Branch, and the Drinking Water and Radiation Laboratory Branch.

And on top of that, all of the water that is on this planet is the same water that we’ve always had!

The activity shows how very limited the water that we have to use is relative to the total supply.

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