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She loves with all of her heart and is a fierce protector of those she cares about.

The relationship between Alex and Joe was a fun one to read.

The banter is fun combined with intelligent and sexy (they give me character envy.

I wish I was half as smart and entertaining as they are!

And upon reaching the end I wanted more despite the ending being perfect for the characters within the story.And when it comes to love, serving it straight up works better than with a twist.True to Kylie Scott’s signature style, this was a FUN, SEXY, LIGHT-HEARTED romance rounded out by just the right amount of angst and feels! Alex spoke about you a lot, when we were emailing.” Joe winced, removing the phone from his ear for a moment as a particularly loud noise issued through the cell. I will never win you over with charm because I’m slime. Totally agree.” He started rubbing the back of his neck. For such a light-hearted book, I was quite pleased that things got surprisingly heavy and emotional towards the ending with a shocking event that blindsided them all.She’s no perfect but she is strong when she need to be.She makes mistakes but what makes her such a great character is that she learns from them and won’t be making the same one twice.

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