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On Friday evening, the Panthers announced that they had commenced an internal investigation into allegations of workplace misconduct against Richardson, to be led by the outside law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan LLP and overseen by former White House Chief of Staff and Panthers minority owner Erskine Bowles.On Sunday morning the NFL announced it was taking over the investigation.Women subjected to Richardson’s comments would often dismiss them with a sheepish wave of a hand.“No one ever said anything, at least not that I heard,” says one former Panthers employee. It was [viewed] more of a creepy-old-man thing than a threat.” But to other Panthers employees, Richardson’s behavior on Jeans Day was consistent with a broader pattern of disturbing—and potentially actionable—office behavior.

He would notice when their nails were not up to his standards, and pay for them to get manicures.His aura, mannerisms and values ring through the Panthers’ headquarters.Though the antebellum echoes trouble some African-American employees, Richardson is referred to by all simply as , no surname required.Multiple female employees recalled to SI that Richardson asked them if he could personally shave their legs.Former employees allege that in addition to verbal harassment, Richardson engaged in improper acts.

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