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Historically speaking, conflict with a European opponent has always driven bouts of racial egalitarianism in the United States.It happened in the aftermath of the American Revolution (Britain), the Reconstruction period (the Confederacy) and the Second World War (Nazi Germany).They grew up under a very different media landscape than their children and grandchildren.The United States was 88.6% non-Hispanic White in 1960. The costs of diversity weren’t readily apparent to most White Americans in the 1960s. For many decades, the Baby Boomers were able to navigate around the racial issue by moving to lily White suburbs, but this is increasingly unaffordable for Millennials.America was overwhelmingly White and was rich and naive enough to be more generous on race.

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Usually, these episodes are followed by a longer period of retrenchment (the Antebellum era and the Jim Crow South), but the Cold War stretched the last major conflict out for two generations.

The Greatest Generation which enacted the sweeping changes of the 1960s overwhelmingly trusted the federal government.

The anchors of the Big Three networks had a degree of authority which doesn’t exist anymore.

The introduction of cable television, the rise of talk radio and finally the internet has changed the media landscape.

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