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They also alleged that Carrey gave White “three STDs without warning her.” Now, Carrey is hitting back, saying White had tried to pressure him into marriage, and after the two broke up in early 2013 he made a "mistake" of settling a false STD claim with White to avoid mounting a public defense, which "is a very costly and painful process."Carrey's countersuit, which was obtained by USA TODAY, states that between March and August 2013 White and Marchino tried to "extort" him by threatening to go to the press "with the false claim that Jim had given her Herpes I and Herpes II — unless Jim paid her millions of dollars."Carrey says he reluctantly agreed to give White money and property, though it was "substantially less than the millions of dollars sought and demanded."Incredibly, the two got back together roughly a year and a half later, following an "apology" and "forgiveness," says Carrey, and planned to move in together prior to her Sept.2015 death (though a non-disclosure agreement got in the way).She is thought to have had a troubled relationship with Sweetman.The note, which was obtained by the Daily Mail, is alleged to have been discovered by the pair’s lawyers, but it is unclear whether or not Carrey ever saw the note whilst White was alive. ’ – help and advice on mental health and what to do next The trial revealed last week that Carrey offered White an undisclosed sum of money to settle her claim that he infected her with the infection Herpes simplex, but Carrey continues to claim that White was infected with the STD prior to their relationship.An i Pad note allegedly written by the former girlfriend of Jim Carrey, Cathriona White, claims the actor introduced her to “cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease”, say White’s family.Bridget Sweetman and Mark Burton, the biological mother and the estranged former husband of Cathriona White, are currently filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, following her prescription drug overdose in 2015.The timeline gets stickier considering White was married when she died.

As his interview from a few weeks ago shows, the guy is incoherent and unhinged.

There was some hope for a settlement out-of-court between the parties, but Burton and Sweetman’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has insisted multiple times in the past that he wants Carrey to take the stand at trial and has been demanding his deposition for months.

On Friday, Carrey filed a counter-complaint against Burton, Sweetman and White’s lawyer Filippo Machino (along with Machino’s office, The X Law Group).

READ MORE: Jim Carrey responds to ex-girlfriend’s mother’s lawsuit: it’s a ‘shakedown’Avenatti said in a statement that the note is “written in Cat’s own words, [and] shows the world how Jim Carrey treated her while she was alive and the depths of his destructive behavior.”As he’s stated in the past, Avenatti then said he’s looking forward to trying the case in front of a jury.

In response to the letter, Carrey’s lawyer Ray Boucher said, “This note helps establish the evidence that this was pure fraud, and that [White], her lawyers and others were trying to establish a basis for Jim into ultimately settling with her based on these false claims…

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