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One similarity is how all three wrote about huge companies or businesses and their corruption.

They basically showed how wherever you were in the ranks/class, you stayed there.

Jurgis learns of this new method the factories called “Speeding-up” Sinclair writes, Imagine if science discovered a way to extend the average life span of humans and to replace any broken organs and to have a pain free child birth.

Such an extraordinary breakthrough must come at an extraordinary price that is much more than just money.

There were not even any scoreboards, just the referees to keep track.

The group playing on the field closest to the benches were wearing gray or black.

It turns out that behind the scenes scientists are creating human clones that act, feel and live like normal human beings.

Basically, one has the capability of writing his or her own life story.Being in the middle of the family has surprisingly taught me many things including how to accept who I am.To make a long story short, I have nine siblings: four brothers and five sisters, four are younger and five are One’s existence and individual identity is highly affected by his/her surroundings and the society he/she lives in.I interviewed four people, three without disabilities and the fourth diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Mobius Syndrome.I asked each of them what disability meant to them.

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