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15 to 26.) As regards Electoral Reform, it is evident that the popular cry for extension of the franchise is waxing louder, and if not attended to, is likely to lead to political trou Ues. Such are some of the leading perils of England, rendering S4 MBNAOIKO PBHILS n H it obvious that trae Christian B vitbin it should watch aad pray, that they may escape the judgments coming upon the earth, and be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man.That by aboat 1870, England will elect its Sovereign by imiversal suffrage is apparent from- Rev. In thb Unitbd States there are just now rejoicings over the capture of Richmond and of a large part of the Sonthem armies, but these premature expectations of the restoration of permanent peace are doomed to disappointment. 7.) A terrific and crushing attack by France upon the United Stales seems prophetically looming upon the horizon.Superficial observers might suppose that there is an increasing hostility between Napoleon and the Pope, but from the prophetic picture of them in Rev.

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The Romish Church and Pontiff are however to be despoiled of their temporal power and of their accumulated riches and revenues, and to become simply a religious organization in complete subjection to Napoleon — promoting his schemes, and during the final 3^ years compelling people to worship him and receive his name or its number 666 in their foreheads or hands. ' Whether the present Pope removes elsewhere or not, let no one ignorantly anticipate the immediate downfal of the Papacy: for before its overthrow at Armageddon it is first to be universally predominant under Napoleon's patronage for 42 months or 3^ years previous to 1874, and under the leadership of a younger and more ambitious successor of the present aged Pope.

■ ■:.■'■: lwmmm B ah fix AMi MTteir ot Tfn yiswr ^ Bnaors I&a*: M2BU8, Hi PPOLTXUS, Vl CTORIJBTUS, PRUIASIUS, Re VS. Inordinate national vanity and jealousy are the parents of bitter hatred. that the Protestant Christians will be generally massacred in the coming 3^ years reign of Antichrist in the United States as well as in England and Lreland, and that Ireland bemg ENGLAND AND AMERICA.

"It is impossible for one who has watched the Fenians as tlie writer has to doubt their mischievous intentions or their ability to create trouble." The London Record of April 8rd, 1865, quotes a state- ment from the Daily Review that '^ The Fenians seem to be gathering strength and organisation in all parts of Ireland. The newspapers speak of illegal drillings going on nightly in County Oavan, in the mountainons districts around Swanlinbar near the upper Lough Erne, where the police would find it hard and wearisome work to track the 'soldiers of liberty.' In County Down too there is much talk of Fenian exercising and drilling." The long meditated and deep-laid Napoleonic schemes for the humiliation of England will receive ready co-operation from the Fenian Brotherhood, and in consider^on of his helping them to accomplish their plans in Irelana, they will probably assist him in return to overcome the Protestant Government of the United States, and supplant it by the dommion of Romanism. 23 ontside the Roman Empire must soon be separated from England, and constituted an independent nation. — The alienation between the higher and the lower classes of English society, and the growing clamour of the latter for political reform, ia a further peril.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.

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