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This will put them into their own list where you can view them at any time.

Brandon Carl Vedas (April 21, 1981 – January 12, 2003), also known by his nickname ripper on IRC, was an American computer enthusiast, recreational drug user and member of the community who died of a multiple drug overdose while discussing what he was doing via chat and webcam.

No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death.....

Let me know how that works out.=== Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die? Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt.

Lose access to your Character Lose all equipped items Lose all items in inventory Lose all items your followers have equipped === I didn't read what was underlined above so I'm curious; do I lose my achievements, stash, my gold, or my artisan progression? They all persist even if your hardcore hero dies.=== Can I share items, gold, artisans, stash between hardcore and softcore heroes?

No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever.

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