Free anonymous cams

Many times the victim will turn against the police when they realize that the person who has just been beating them senseless might be going to jail.

Emotions are high and many times the victim won't just yell at the police.

(like videotaping a police officer) 2: The regulations concerning "Obstruction of Justice" and "disobeying" a direct order" need to be rescinded, deleted, thrown out.They will grab potential weapons from within the house to use against the police.In a case where the police have to subdue someone for everyone's safety, it becomes the word of the cop(s) against the word of the residents.But these cameras definitely need to be available to the public, so that people who expect to be victims of harassment or other crimes can gather proof for themselves.Especially against police and other authorities willing to abuse their powers, a hidden camera may very well be the only remedy.

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