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She relied on her alliance with Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson, winning three individual immunities, and her own personal optimism to make it to the Final Tribal Council where she lost to Tyson and only earned a single vote. Occupation: Physical Therapist Personal Claim to Fame: Homecoming Queen at University of Florida in 1991, University of Florida Outstanding Female Leader Graduate in 1991, Graduated with Honors from University of Minnesota Physical Therapy School, Wife of University of Florida and nine year NFL Defensive Tackle, Brad Culpepper, and mother of three straight "A" students. He won the prestigious Campbell Award, making him the number one scholar athlete in the nation.Then he went on to the NFL where he played for nine seasons with the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Bears.Brad urged Monica to burn the clue, which she obliged.At this point, Monica was in a alliance with Gervase Peterson, Tina Wesson, Aras Baskauskas, and Tyson Apostol.Monica was originally placed at the all-women Salani tribe and found herself immediately on the outs.Alicia Rosa created a five-person alliance with Sabrina Thompson, Kim Spradlin, Chelsea Meissner, and Kat Edorsson.Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I'm never afraid to go out on a limb when it comes to getting something I want.

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After the second loss, Laura told Vytas that he was next to go. returned to the game and burned the clue to the idol.It is my time to "step out" and see what grit I am made of…I'm ready to show I'm a Survivor!Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: I am enthusiastic, pleasant to be around and a great motivator.: I wanted the chance to redeem myself from my early exit on One World and there is no better way to do that than with the love of my life and lifelong tribemate, Brad.He's my guy and having my "shield" out there is an adventure in itself.

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