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I’m also concerned that the bill currently contains no requirement for a referendum before changing the electoral system.

That creates a huge barrier to running for office, and I don’t think the government or anybody in the Legislature really wants more barriers to running for office.

When this bill goes to committee, I certainly look forward to the government waking up and realizing that this Legislature should work with municipal officials to ensure that the bill reflects what they need to run modern, accessible, democratic and effective municipal elections.

How can we have sections of the legislation be overruled by regulation despite going through this entire process in this chamber?

What worries me is that the minister has made comments on this issue that actually overlook the concerns of a lot of our municipalities. If we’re going to be redesigning our local democratic process, we need more protection than “so be it.” I think it’s pretty naive and, I will say, a tad condescending, and it certainly runs contrary to what the Premier has said herself.

He said on record that “any municipality can hold a referendum on any issue. She has said before that the Liberal Party was the one that championed open discussions on our municipal elections.

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