Consolidating audio logic

However, I will state--in Bold 20 pt Italics-- this currently is and will remain a "pro" application, despite trivial comments made otherwise. Logic's stregths have already been capitulated, to a large degree, in a few previous reviews.I use live, but am adding some tracks to a song of a friend who uses Logic.Some of the tracks that I have added do not start at the beginning of the song, so I need to export these tracks so that when I send them to him, they will line up with his other tracks. The workflow seemed so much more complicated and I just never began to like it. When I finally bought a Mac Book 2 years ago I had to get the good old Logic again, of course... In comparison to Cubase the workflow is just so much easier! Do you want to focus on creating instead of being interrupted by silly technicalities? After Logic got sold to Apple I had to make the switch to Cubase but somehow never felt "at home" with that DAW. But after reading a good book about it and trying a few things out I started to feel comfortable again quite soon. There is just one thing I really miss from my years with Cubase and that is its great drum editor.

Yeah, I know, using the step editor in Logic works too, but it just isn't that easy and straightforward. Read more Logic Pro is an incredible DAW, and is well respected within the overall music production community.

Alchemy effectively affords the DAW two samplers, whereby some DAWs don't even include one (of course in addition to four or so other types of synthesis.) And talk about a good GUI.

This plugin too might steer you in the DAWs direction; Mac Pro Video just called it one of the most powerful synths out there:

You can create your own Implulse responses or download others from third party sources, usually free.

There's actually an Impulse Response Utility deep inside the plugin to manage the process.

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