Code for validating email address

As a result of the email validation process, you get a detailed validation status for each email address.We do not send any email to the recipient address during the entire validation process.That is why many businesses have decided to integrate our online email address verification API directly into their sign-up forms.This allows website visitors to correct errors in their email addresses instantly with the benefit that only valid email addresses are accepted and businesses can keep in touch with existing and prospective customers.

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To protect your email sender reputation, do not accept bad email addresses, and regularly check your email lists and databases to make sure your email addresses are still good to use.I am helping a friend with her Java homework and I adapted a solution I used in a similar project of my own for this. It is supposed to use loose/generous regex to make sure an email entered matches the forms [email protected] [email protected] */ User Info u = new User Info (); // loop until you get valid one(s) while (! Ready()) final static Pattern rfc2822 = Pattern .compile ("[a-z0-9!

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