Chabad online dating

Today’s version, in which 40 rabbis and educators field questions via e-mail, has answered more than 500,000 questions between 2001–2006, averaging about 270 a day.

provides daily, date-specific information relevant to each day from Jewish history, daily Torah study, candle-lighting times, and forthcoming Jewish holidays.

After Kazen's death in 1998, the site was rolled under the umbrella of the Chabad Lubavitch Media Center directed by Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin.

Today, the Chabad Lubavitch Media Center maintains the flagship, specialized holiday sites, and over 1,400 customized sites for local Chabad houses.

With the advent of computer communication technology, Kazen recognized its potential for reaching an almost limitless audience, unlimited by geographic and other constraints.Wise Miller investigated, and found that the man was nervous about prying or offending.She gently suggested that he could pose weightier questions, and the dating continued.Saw Youat Sinai charges about half that, and JMontreal costs a minimum of a month.JDate is also more welcoming to gay Jews, asking whether clients are seeking men or women.

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